Healthy Mind Centre Launceston


Welcome to healthy mind centre Launceston

Healthy Mind Centre (or HMC) Launceston is a private allied health practice in Launceston, Tasmania, developed by clinical psychologist Olivia Boer. It is created from the growth and development of Olivia's first practice, Olivia Boer Psychology Services, and represents a collaboration between established Launceston allied health professionals. 

At HMC Launceston, we create a unique and engaging experience for our clients at our beautiful and welcoming location. Please feel free to have a look around our website, check out our video walk-through below, and contact our friendly staff on (03) 6388 9229 for further information or to make an appointment.

We are so excited you found us, and we can’t wait to work together!



More than just a chat.


HMC Launceston clinicians offer specialist, evidence-based interventions using a range of therapeutic modalities, for clients in all stages of life. 

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Assessment and therapy

We support kids with a wide range of difficulties, including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, social difficulties, learning problems, anger, and family relationship issues. We offer play-based and scientifically supported approaches when working with children. 

Assessments include cognitive and learning assessments, behavioural assessments (including ADHD), and assessment for mental health concerns and level of functioning. 

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Young People 

Someone confidential to connect with 

Healthy Mind Centre Launceston offers young people an opportunity to discuss concerns with a safe and trusted adult. Our clinicians are very experienced with a wide range of adolescent issues, including anxiety, depression, anger, family relationship issues, gender and sexuality concerns, and social difficulties. We specialise in working with young people who have troubled relationships with their parents or caregivers.

Cognitive and learning assessments are also available for adolescents.

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A safe space for you

Our psychologists are experienced at helping adults with a wide range of issues including mental health concerns, workplace issues, relationship difficulties with their partner or children, recovering from trauma, personality difficulties, and coping with general feelings of overwhelm. 

Formal psychometric assessment is also available for adults for a wide range of problems including cognitive and learning, personality, adaptive functioning, and vocational support. 

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An opportunity to reconnect

At HMC Launceston, our psychologists have a wealth of experience working with all different types of families, including nuclear families, blended families, single parent families, couples, and parent-child dyads. 

We offer relationship support including communication and problem solving skills training, parenting skills training from both attachment and behaviour-management perspectives, and support for families to get back on track toward a happier home.

We have been working hard to bring you a vibrant and fresh space.


We would love to know what you think! Head on over to our Facebook page or send us an email with your comments and suggestions about what you would like to see at HMC Launceston. 

Take a tour of our space below. Press the play button to start your tour.