Olivia Boer

Olivia Boer is the director and principal psychologist at Healthy Mind Centre Launceston. Olivia is a clinical psychologist with a background in child psychology and community mental health. She has a specific interest in childhood anxiety and helping Mum's and Dad's parent oppositional and defiant children. 

Catherine Bishop Psychologist HMC.jpg


Catherine is a psychologist and clinical psychology registrar.  She works with clients across the lifespan, but particularly enjoys working with adults and older adults.  Catherine has a special interest in anxiety disorders and related conditions such as PTSD and OCD.  She is also very interested in the role that self-esteem plays in mental health. Catherine mainly uses CBT and DBT informed approaches to treatment.    

Emma Langley Provisional Psychologist.JPG
Sam Shand MHSW HMC Launceston.jpg


Emma Langley is a provisional psychologist. She has a strong interest in working with young people with disabilities and helping caregivers with positive behaviour support. 



Sam is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, with a background working with adolescents and families. He has extensive experience in working with Aboriginal adolescents and has a passion for working with individuals through a holistic model that is tailored to their needs.