Olivia Boer clinical psychologist HMC Launceston psychology .jpg


Olivia Boer is the director and principal psychologist at Healthy Mind Centre Launceston. Olivia is a clinical psychologist with a background in child psychology and community mental health. She has a specific interest in childhood anxiety and helping parents and caregivers manage oppositional and defiant behaviours in children.

Catherine Bishop Psychologist HMC.jpg


Catherine is a psychologist and clinical psychology registrar. She works with clients across the lifespan, but particularly enjoys working with adults and older adults. Catherine has a special interest in anxiety disorders and related conditions such as PTSD and OCD. She is also very interested in the role that self-esteem plays in mental health. Catherine mainly uses CBT and DBT informed approaches to treatment.

Sam Shand MHSW HMC Launceston.jpg


Sam is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, with a background working with adolescents and families. He has extensive experience in working with Aboriginal adolescents and has a passion for working with individuals through a holistic model that is tailored to their needs.

Emma Langley Provisional Psychologist HMC Launceston.jpg


Emma Langley is a provisional psychologist. She has a strong interest in working with young people with disabilities and helping caregivers with positive behaviour support. Emma enjoys using creative approaches in therapy and helping clients achieve positive outcomes.

Amy Farrell Psychologist HMC Launceston 2.png


Amy is a provisional psychologist who is soon to gain her general registration. Her background includes work with young people and families in school settings and with adults in a health and disability context. Amy is passionate about using evidence based treatment to promote wellbeing. She enjoys working with clients from diverse backgrounds on a range of challenges including behavioural support, relationships, communication skills and mental health concerns.

Amy is available at HMC Launceston from January 2019.